Maui Activities at a Glance

From its heavenly beaches to its scenic natural wonders, "The Valley Isle" offers plenty of reasons why it has been voted “Best Island” by readers of Condé Nast Traveler for more than a dozen years.

There are so many choices of things to do on Maui that we have put together a quick list to get you started. The internet has tons of information, so when you've decided on a few activities, just do a Google search to get more info.

The content below is compiled from various sites online and from our own experiences exploring this amazing island!

Air & Land Activities and Adventures

ATV Tours

Get off the beaten path and discover the backroads of Maui on an ATV. With many operators to choose from, just google "Maui ATV Tours" to find the one to suit you!

Caving and Spelunking

Marvel at the underground lavascape - guided or self-guided options


Choose from 14 courses (several of which are ranked at or near the top of the “world’s best” lists) designed by noted course architects and golfing luminaries such as Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw. You’ll see why it’s difficult to imagine a more dramatic setting for these 18-hole
masterpieces, with fairways abutting ancient lava flows, tees surrounded by palm groves, and greens arched by rainbows formed in the ocean mist. From Kapalua to Wailea, the views are intoxicating.

Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park, a scenic national park on the island of Maui and home to Maui's highest peak. Get up early and experience sunrise at the top of Haleakala… or just sleep in and see it later in the day... or come late to watch the sunset and stay longer for some stargazing!!

Haleakala - Bike Tours

Take a guided bike tour down the mountain, or just rent your own and go at your own pace! Again, just Google "Haleakala Bike Tours" to find the one that suits you.

Haleakala - Hiking

Miles and miles of trails stretch out before the adventurous hiker... choices range from minutes to days, and ecosystems range from arid to lush. For more info about this National park, just visit:


This scenic Maui coastal road consists of over 600 curves and more than 50 one-lane bridges. As you make your way into Maui's lush rainforest, you will enjoy views of the ocean, beaches (including black sand beaches), valleys, and waterfalls. You will have glorious photo opportunities the whole day through. Take a tour or choose to drive yourself.

Harley Davidson Rental

Rent a Hog (or a scooter!) and experience Maui on two wheels!

Helicopter Tours

Soar over the lush valleys, discover hidden waterfalls, circle the island or the magnificent Haleakala volcano!


Maui has some absolutely fantastic trails - hikers surely won't be disappointed. You can hike a trail leading into a rain forest or you can hike into a gulch with a 400-foot waterfall as your reward. Whether you want a quick morning hike or a full day trek and whether you're a beginner or an experienced trail blazer, Maui offers a diverse array of trails. You can also choose from a variety of tours for a more in-depth experience that a guide can offer.
http://www.hawaiiguide. com/index.php/maui/list/category/maui_hiking_trails

Horseback Ride

Maui offers spectacular adventure rides through rugged ranchlands, into tropical rainforests and to remote swimming holes!

Tedeschi Winery

Located on 'Ulupalakua Ranch, you can sample and purchase the fruits of the winery's labour. Visit their website:

Zipline Advetures

Maui has several different zipline adventures to choose from… all with spectacular views and awesome thrills!

Ocean Activities & Adventures

Boogie Boarding/Body Surfing

Bodysurfing and boogie boarding are great ways to catch some waves without having to master surfing—and there's no balance or coordination required. A boogie board (or "sponge") is softer than a hard, fiberglass surfboard, which means you can ride safely in the rough-and-tumble surf zone.
Our beach is pretty good for boogie boarding, and some days it's awesome! However, if you're looking for a more challenging area, Makena or "Big Beach" is really popular. At either end our our beach have rocky outcroppings, perfect for snorkeling. If you want to do some more advanced snorkeling, I would recommend popping into the Maui Dive shop for a brochure on the best snorkel beaches... and maybe even take a tour out to Molokini! Please refrain from purchasing the cheap styrofoam boogie boards. Often, they only last one big wave and then end up in the landfill :( A better (and greener!) option is to rent a better quality board :-)
We always go to Boss Frogs - $5/day or $15/week for boogie boards, but there are others within a block of our complex:


Discover a different side of Maui that few ever see; stunning coastlines, pristine tropical waters teaming with sea-life and colorful coral reefs. Take a tour or rent and explore on your own!


Take a tour to Molokini Crater & Turtle Town, or pick up a "Maui Dive guide" and explore on your own. Just drive around the island dip in at any one of the fantastic snorkeling areas.
We went with RedLine Rafting < > and it was awesome because not only did we see tons of fish at Molokini, on our way over to Turtle Town (just off the coast of Makena landing) we saw whales including a baby whale!

Scuba Diving

Some people travel to Maui just to experience the tropical Pacific and explore the underwater world. You can see the great variety of tropical marine life (more than 100 endemic species found nowhere else on the planet), explore sea caves and swim with sea turtles and monk seals in the clear tropical waters off the island.


Surfing, you've thought about it, now it's time to try it! Surfing is a real thrill and a blast. This is the perfect time and place to give it a try! Lessons and board rentals are available in Ka'anapali, Lahaina, and Kihei.
There is a great little surfing area for beginners just north of our complex at Kalama Beach Park. If you're an experienced surfer, you'll probably want to go up past Lahaina or over by the airport south of Kahalui.
Lessons & Rentals:

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Experience the new craze!!! Stand up paddling is the latest rage in the Surfing culture. On Maui you can stand-up paddle for miles in pristine waters while watching the colorful sea life below you.


Maui’s north shore is where the majority of the windsurfing is done. Maui’s dominant northeast tradewinds bring beautiful down the line waves sailing up and down Maui’s central north shore, from Ho’okipa, down wind to Kanaha.


Maui’s trade winds make it a popular destination not only for windsurfing, but for kiteboarding or kitesurfing as well. However, there are rules and regulations that define where you can and cannot kite on Maui’s north shore.


Parasail in paradise … almost anyone can fly … young, old, single or in tandem … it’s something for everyone to enjoy and experience. Absolutely no experience is necessary and there is nothing to learn … you just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Ocean Rafting

About 200 years ago at Kanaio, molten lava exploded from a side vent and poured into the ocean forming incredible lava arches, grottos and sea caves. The experience of entering a sea cave by raft or passing through a massive lava arch should not be missed! (conditions permitting) Photographers will delight with the array of unique formations that await at every turn.

Sailing Tours

Sailboats ply the waters up and down the coast of West and South Maui, stopping at secluded beaches, anchoring in rocky inlets, or hugging mountainous cliffs that plunge deep into the ocean. Some are out-and-out sailing trips, seeking out the wind line far out in the channel; other Maui sailing vessels combine snorkeling or light-line fishing in calmer waters.

Sportfishing Charters

Breathtaking Maui scenery ... optimal sportfishing conditions … Whether you're a novice or experienced sportfishing enthusiast, you'll discover that deep sea fishing off Maui Hawaii is an amazing experience.

Submarine Tours

Take an undersea adventure in an Atlantis Submarine. You will journey into a spectacular blue world more than 100 feet below the surface in spacious air-conditioned comfort.

Whale Watching (December-April)

Maui is considered one of the world's top whalewatch spots, famous for the proximity of whales to its shoreline and the large number of whales found here. Warm sunny weather, great visibility, and clear ocean waters add up to excellent conditions for whalewatching. The best way to spot whales is by scanning the horizon, looking for a blow...the misty vapor plume that results when a whale exhales at the surface. You can also look for large splashes caused by activities such as tail slapping, breaching or pectoral fin slapping. Want to get a closer look? Take one of the many tours offered.

Jet skiing (May-December)

To protect the humpback whales, which come by the thousands to calve in the Maui waters each winter, all "thrill craft" such as jet skis, wave runners, and power boats are not allowed in west and south Maui waters during whale season, from December 15 through May 15. However, you can still have fun with these items the rest of the year! Don't miss the sheer excitement of jet skiing the beautiful waters of the South Pacific off Maui. Whether a beginner or Jet Ski aficionado, here's a perfect activity for loads of tropical fun.

Entertainment & Nightlife


There are beautiful and traditional Hawaiian luaus in Lahaina, kaanapali, Wailea and Makena

Cocktail/Dinner Cruise

Sail into a setting sun in the warm, clear waters of Maui. Watch as the vivid Maui coast and towering Mt. Haleakala shine in the last warm rays of a tropical paradise day. It’s a picture-perfect way to experience the beauty of a Maui sunset!

‘Ulalena - A story of Hawaii's People

Traditional theatre is blended with acrobatic feats of strength and beauty. Hula is combined with modern dance. Rich costumes, lighting and stage design are woven together into a filigree of fantastic images drawn from Hawaiian legend and history.

Warren and Annabelle's Magic Show

Warren Gibson, highly acclaimed showman and one of the country’s premier sleight-of-hand magicians, treats you to the best “close-up” magic, hilarious comedy and southern hospitality in this beautiful million-dollar Hawaii venue!

Sports Bars

Are you a Canadian hoping to keep up with your favourite team while on vacation? US cable TV doesn't have the greatest coverage of Canadian sporting events… luckily there is a Sports Bar on our block in South Kihei that has a greater variety of channels and is often filled with Canadians watching hockey!!

Local Events & Festivals

Take in the Whale Festival, The Taro Festival, The Makawao Rodeo, The Maui County Fair. Regular activities include Friday Art Night in Lahaina and "Wailea on Wednesdays" at the Shops at Wailea. There are too many fun things happening year round to list - just check local listings for current events.

Other Fun Links to Try:

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything else we can do to help make your stay at “Palekaiko” a memorable one!